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"The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways."
John F. Kennedy

***All pickups for nucs are on schedule. Pickups are at 87 Brewster Hill Rd Brewster NY 10509. Pick up time is from 7-9am. Please see your order for your pick up dates.*** For more information pleas see our F.A.Q. below.

***Queens are currently being shipped. Emails with tracking information will be sent out 1-3 days before your order will be shipped.*** 

We are now taking pre-orders for spring queens. For all info on queen shipments please see queen page.

2014 Nucs are SOLD OUT 

For a list of frequent questions and concerns/pick up dates please see all information below.
No refunds will be given once nucs are started at the beginning of April. No refunds or future nucs will be given to no call no show customers on their date of pickup.
Canceled orders will be assessed with a $25 Cancelation fee.

2014 Nucs
I will be selling 5 frame, 4 frame, 3 frame, and topbar nucs, available End of May/Early June for the prices seen below. 
These are either 3, 4, or 5 deep frames of, brood, pollen, honey, and bees. They come in a cardboard nuc box so no box or frame exchange is needed. We also offer free beekeeping classes with ever nuc ordered.
 We will also be offering the option of ordering a 6 frame top-bar beehive for 185.00 as well, available for pick up the third/fourth week of may and later. They will come with 6 drawn out frames, 3lbs+ of bees, an already accepted and laying queen, pollen, honey, and brood. And a travel box that holds an average of 10-15 frames. The frames we build will be 18'x1 3/8' x 3/4'.  These will fit smaller topbar hives but will not fit into larger ones. 

Our bees are a northern raised by me in New York and survive winters, unlike southern package bees that die no matter what you do. The 3, 4, or 5 frame nuc will also build up 50% faster than packages will and are far healthier for it. 

The queens you get will be a mixed race of Italian, German, Russian, Carniolan and Australian. I open mate my queens to avoid monoculture and inbreeding. I also set up my mating yards with hygenic tested hives so mites can be controlled naturally and without chemicals. I never use chemicals on my bees and never plan to, so you'll be getting bees that are strong and well worth the money. 

To be put on our nuc list for 2014 you can go to our online store through the link above and make payment through paypal or by stopping by our honey stand for a discount (10$discount for cash payment at our honey stand in brewster, and 8$discount for payment by checks.) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can visit our online store @ www.shop.whiteoakapiary.com to purchase one before we sell out!

Bulk Prices are as follows  
5 Frame Nucs                                              4 Frame Nucs                           3 Frame Nucs                                                                         
Price $169.00                                      $159.00                                     $149.00
5 or more $159.00 each                             $149.00                                     $139.00
10 or more $149.00 each                             $139.00                                     $129.00
15 or more $139.00 each                             $129.00                                     $119.00
25 or more $120.00 each                             $110.00                                     $100.00
50 or more $115.00 each                             $105.00                                     $95.00
6 Frame Top Bar Nucs with wooden travel box 185.00

10$discount for cash payment at our honey stand in brewster, and 8$discount for payment by checks.

Recent FAQ about Nucs:
Do/will you have any extras?:
We generally sell out early. So its best to order as soon as you can to guarantee your nuc will be available. From time to time we may have extras so be prepared with cash on your day of pick up to purchase one if the availability arises.  

My hive that wintered over/package from Georgia is bustling why aren't the nucs ready yet?:
Unfortunately you can't really compare an established hive/package from Georgia with a new northern raised split. To thoroughly answer this question I'll walk you through the biology and timing of a northern raised honey bee to give some clarity.
  Under the assumption that a queen/wintered over hive (that will be split into nucs) started to lay drones (Drones: The male bees needed to mate the new queens for splits) at the beginning of March, than the drones would then hatch at the beginning of April.
Approximately 35-40 days after hatching the drones are now mature enough to go on mating flights. Placing us at the beginning/middle of May.
If we time the splits properly we can start making splits then, and let the queens establish for 2-3 weeks. (IE lay brood, collect honey, and pollen) allowing them to build up, draw out comb, cap brood and become ready for transport to your hive placing us at the first/second/third week of June if all goes well. This is why we listed all of our nucs that were purchased online as late May early June nucs. We do bank queens from the summer to start a little earlier but not all those queens survive and we do our best to have a quality stock ready as soon as possible.

  Setbacks certainly do happen, especially if we begin to factor in all environmental conditions such as Bear attacks, frost after mothers day, evening temperatures in the 40's well into May etc. This pushes the pick up days back. All those factors and more will set the bees back considerably by cutting off nectar/ pollen flows, reducing the amount of bees a queen will lay since there are not enough bees to cluster over full frames of brood to keep them warm when evening temperatures are so low etc. And these figures are all based on the assumption that the queens began laying drones during winter months and hoping all goes well the first time. Beekeeping is a very difficult choice of careers and we always do our best to get you your bees as soon as possible and ready to make your loved honey!

If I get my nucs in June will there be enough time to get them through winter? Absolutely. During june the bees in our area have not even started to swarm yet, giving a good indicator of hive timing. The old adage "A swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not worth a fly." A June swarm is still worth quite a bit, and that's a swarm, not an established hive with drawn out frames and brood. If you factor in global warming extending our season, even a swarm in July is probably worth a flat screen TV. (Just updating an old adage.)

I have not gotten a phone call, when do I pick up my bees?
During the ordering process we listed your pick up date. If we have any changes and you listed a phone number we will call to update you.

Where/when is pick up?:Pick ups will be at 87 Brewster Hill Rd, Brewster NY 10509 between 7-9am. We will call or email any changes to your pick up dates if anything changes. No call no shows on your date of pick up will not be refunded.

There is a honey flow and I need my split to pollinate. Why isn't it ready? Please see above. Also we use the first flow to properly build up and mate all of our northern raised bees and queens. In addition when it comes to agriculture many things (including bees,) require quite a bit of forethought before the fruits of labor my be employed. IE if apples are expected from a tree this year it should be planted 8 years in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience but build up our bees as quickly as possible. Also we are certain that the wait for a true northern raised bee that winters over will be well worth the wait, rather than a southern bee that rarely makes it through the winter placing you in the same position next year when you need your bees.

Why are there so many spelling/gramitical erros on your site?
In order to get you the best bees available we dont waste any needless time on spell checking. The bees need us more than any fancy word doctors.

We appreciate all of your patience and thank all of you for being the best customers around!



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