White Oak Apiary
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Farm Visits

Due to the constraints of on farm hazards (Live Bees, Moving Farm Equipment, Large Animals, Unfamiliar Terrain) and severe lack of staffing for tours,(Which limits our time to work alone... ) we will only be able have scheduled farm visits that will be listed here and under the beekeeping classes page. Though we would love to allow everyone access at anytime, we are unfortunately unable to offer that due to the working nature of our farm. 

If all goes well again this year we will be having harvest BBQ's where everyone can come with friends and family to enjoy our farm's produce, meats, and honey directly from us. 

If you would like to hire us for a group tour on an unscheduled day please contact Mike Bruen at 845-661-5730 and we can try our best to schedule something. Again I appreciate your your patronage and understanding of our farm tour policies. 
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