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Winter Hardy
***Due to our cold spring, queens will begin to ship on the 22nd of May-the 31st of may depending on when your order was placed. Emails with tracking information will be sent out 1-3 days before your order will be shipped.*** 
New York Queen Bees 
For Sale
Now taking preorders at www.shop.whiteoakapiary.com

You can order from our online store listed above

We will now be taking preorder for our spring/summer mated queen bees raised from our own northern bred winter hardy stock erady for shipping approximately 15MAY14! Shipping will only take place when evening temperatures are above 60 degrees due to low survival rates through the mail system below those temps. 
 We are now taking orders
@ $29.00-$17.00 each plus shipping
(Quantity Discounts available) to order 
to get the best queens available today!

Our queens are specially bred from hygienic stock that has been selected for honey production, wintering ability, and ease of manipulation.

You can ask any of our customers you wont find a better queen anywhere.

We have bred every queen bee for sale on small cell frames and ensured they have the best genetic stock available in order to avoid any common mono-cultured or inbreeding problems. 
Our mating yards have Italian, Buckfast, Carniolan, Russian, German, Australian, and our own breed of bees that have been selected from YEARS of rigorous trait testing.
These aren't Georgia queens that are raised in factory yards, and have a difficult time wintering over with their tropical bee traits. We test each queen for laying ability, and production before shipment. 

As I said above, we don't raise factory farmed bees. Each queen is checked numerous times for many traits before shipment, and for that reason we only produce a limited amount each year to replace our own aging queens and to make new splits. The others are offered for sale from now until fall. You can reserve yours online at our store today before they sell out, and they always do!

   Our 2014 Nucs are sold out.

No refunds will be given once nucs are started at the beginning of April. No refunds or future nucs will be given to no call no show customers on their date of pickup.                Canceled orders will be assessed with a $25 Cancelation fee.
 We do not require frame replacement or return of the nuc boxes. A 100% payment is due to have your name on our spring nuc list. 
The bees you'll get in your nuc box will contain 3, 4, 0r 5 frames of built out comb depending on your choice of nuc ordered. These frames all contain brood, honey, pollen and a laying queen.
This is a HUGE gain over package bee simply because there will already be brood ready to hatch. Which equates to a 21 day jump start on package bees. Plus our nucs will have an established queen that the bee have already accepted. This alleviates the fear and common problem that the worker bees will kill a package queen bee since she was just introduced, and has a foreign pheromone to the hive.
Package bees often reject new queens and the hive dies, because only seconds after they are vacuumed into a package box, their new queen is added and the worker bees are still used to the scent of their old queen and kill the new one.

These nucs are also northern raised bees that are used to and can survive our winters. Not like souther raised package bees that have a tendncy to die no matter what you do! All this adds up to save you weeks in time for establishing your beed and will aid in the health an vigo of the hive, not to mention the saving in heart ache and money for you. When it comes to bees you certainly get what you pay for. Cheap bees are just that, cheap bees. Buy the best!



The queens I raise are a mix breed of Italian, Australian, German, and Carniolan bees. I do this tavoid monoculture and inbreeding, and to give the bees a healthy stock. I also breed my bees for hygienic and never use chemicals to fight mites. This is why I have avoided CCD and any other problems.

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