White Oak Apiary
Beekeeping Done Right

Organic Chickens

We will be processing our organic birds in approximately 2 weeks. (Just after July 4th) If you would like one sooner that can be arranged but a $5.00 per bird fee will be added. We estimate they will dress to about 4lbs each and will cost between 3.25lb and 3.50lb. Check back in the next few days and we will have some pictures of our lovely birds posted on the happenings page.
We will be processing on farm so according to USDA regulations we need to presell the chickens or I can not sell them. Once they are processed any unsold birds will have to stay in my freezer...Please contact Mike @ 845-661-5730 to order yours today!
Below Are 300 of our lovely birds that we move to new grass every day so they have fresh greens to eat and bugs to chase under the beautiful sun. 

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